Zodiac Signs With All-Round Talent

Geminis are smart, curious, and multitaskers. Air sign Gemini loves mental stimulation like no other.


"Their fluid modality and ruling planet Mercury make them highly flexible and brilliant," Desiree Roby Antila told Bustle. "They're best at learning languages."

Geminis are open-minded and nonjudgmental, which may help them conquer new territory. They know "mind over matter" and won't limit themselves when trying something new.

Sagittariuses are mutable signs and jacks of all trades. Fire signs are fearless, so they take on new hobbies and careers with enthusiasm.


"They learn other languages, religions, and beliefs along their eventful life," Desiree Roby Antila told Bustle.

Sagittarius can't help but seek adventure. You'll learn new abilities while you're looking for ways to spice up the commonplace. 

Likely. Virgo is one of the zodiac signs that seems to be good at everything, and for good reason. Virgos are organized, perfect, driven, and determined.


Virgos can achieve anything they want. Sagittarius and Gemini may enjoy accomplishing their goals more, but Virgo doesn't tyre and is likely to complete first.

Aquarius, a fixed sign, strives to alter the world. Their ingenuity and tenacity are unrivaled. These traits make Aquarius a successful zodiac sign.


Aquarius are innovators, therefore they may approach acquiring a new skill differently than others. Self-reflection gives them an edge over the competitors.

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