Zodiac sign elements: Understanding fire
and earth

The elements are the life giving source for the twelve signs of the zodiacs, through which a person is defined. The 12 signs are put into four elemental groups namely – fire, earth

Traits – Fiery, passionate, aggressive, zesty, spontaneous, impulsive, creative and courageous. They can be arrogant, and self-centered too.

Fire signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

They can convert opportunities in their favour. No one can dominate them. The three fire signs are ruled by different planets and each is of different modality.

Aries: Cardinal modality – As Mars is the ruling planet, they have all the traits of a fire sign. They want to be number one always and they seldom linger in the past.

Virgo: Cardinal modality – Ruled by Mercury, they are practical, hardworking, intelligent, dedicated, and committed.

Earth Signs –Tarus, Virgo and Capricorn

Capricorn: Mutable modality – Saturn rules this earthy sign and that’s what makes them hardworking, cautious and realistic.

Taurus: Fixed modality – Ruled by the planet of luxury Venus, they are fond of good food and luxuries. However, they are pragmatic as well and are great planners.

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