What foods leads to high cholesterol?

Eggs are usually regarded as one of the worst dietary cholesterol sources. A single egg has around 186 mg of cholesterol.

1. Egg Yolks

When it comes to cholesterol, cheese is another significant contributor. 18.7 mg of cholesterol are included in a single slice of Monterey Jack cheese (21 grammes).

2. Cheese

Despite being a low-fat meal, shrimp contain a surprising amount of cholesterol. 170 mg of cholesterol are included in a single 4-ounce dish of shrimp.

3. Shrimp

Organ meats are high in vitamins and minerals. While this makes them an excellent addition to many diets, they are not a good choice for people who want to lower their cholesterol.

4. Organ Meats

Sardines are a high-cholesterol seafood source. Sardines contain up to 40 milligrammes of cholesterol per ounce, and it's simple to consume more than one ounce at a time.

5. Sardines

Fast food is high in fried fats and almost always contains some sort of animal product, which can be harmful to your cholesterol levels.

6. Fast Food

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