9 Unique Holiday Foods from Around the World

Bûche de Noel, also known as Yule log, is a delicious dish consumed during the Christmas season in France.

1. Buche de Noel (France)

The dish's name derives from the top layer, which is typically made of mayonnaise or a beet dressing that resembles a warm winter coat.

2. Shuba (Russia)

Yebeg wot is a popular lamb stew served during the holiday season, similar to Ethiopia's national dish, doro wat (chicken stew).

3. Yebeg wot (Ethiopia)

If you think you can make the best hot chocolate, you should try Peru's spiced hot chocolate.

4. Spiced hot chocolate (Peru)

Despite their name, most current mincemeat pies are vegetarian. Mince pies were traditionally made with shredded beef or mutton, suet, dried fruit, and spices.

5. Mince pie (England)

Bibingka is made with rice flour or sticky rice, coconut milk, sugar, and water wrapped in banana leaves and baked. As a garnish, eggs are occasionally used.

6. Bibingka (Philippines)

Butter tarts are a traditional Canadian delicacy offered at several occasions, most notably Thanksgiving and Christmas.

7. Butter tarts (Canada)

Latkes are a wonderful Hanukkah fixture on most dinner tables. The dish is known as levivot in Hebrew.

 8. Latkes (Israel)

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