The “Twilight” Character That Matches Each Zodiac Sign

If you’re unashamed to admit that you freaking love Twilight, then let’s talk about the zodiac sign that matches each of the most important characters in the saga

The strongest member of the Cullen clan is Emmett. Not only does he dominate in vampire baseball, he’s also jumps at the chance to rough-house with his brothers.

Aries: You’re Emmett Cullen

The fact that he never backs down from a chance to prove his bravado makes him such an Aries. And because Aries are loud and proud when it comes to showing off the people they love

Esme is as stable of a presence for the Cullen family as she is beautiful, which makes her a Taurus through and through.

Taurus: You’re Esme Cullen

Jessica has a lot on her mind and her mouth can definitely keep up. Her ability to essentially have a conversation with herself and barely.

Gemini: You’re Jessica Stanley

If there’s one thing that’s true about Jacob, it’s that he’s quite sensitive and deeply committed to his emotional convictions.

Cancer: You’re Jacob Black

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