Trump Reveals Republican Hitlist

Trump posted his list of retiring Republican congressmen he deems political opponents on Truth Social.

Trump's list suggests that Republican politicians who criticize him suffer. Just retire. The list was aimed to deflect Republican midterm defeats.

Republicans blamed Trump, who endorsed many candidates. He famously claimed that if Republicans won big, he was to blame, but if they lost, he wasn't.

Trump also criticized Republican abortion restrictions for their losses. Republicans should embrace the exceptions of non-consensual intercourse

Republicans who supported impeaching Trump and lost their midterm elections stand out.

Trump called it People President Trump Strongly Opposed and Fought Against.

Trump included old adversaries like former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, a vocal Trump critic. In 2018, Flake declined re-election.

Governor Charlie Baker announced his retirement in November and was succeeded by Democrat Maura Healey. Baker, another Trump opponent, made the list.

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