Top Cheese Recipes You Should Try

1) Brie wrapped in brioche

This recipe takes a lot of time and effort, but it's so worth it. We're talking about a whole baked brie wrapped in prosciutto and crisp, golden brioche.

2) Triple-cheese dauphinoise

Cheese to the power of three can build on pommes dauphinoise's wonderful foundation. We added cheddar and parmesan to gruyère.

3) Cheese & potato pie

Stop looking—we uncovered the best hybrid recipe ever. Puff pastry pie combines tartiflette, fondue, and baked camembert. A tart chicory salad balances the dairy.

4) Baked fondue dip

We don't like anything about fondue, whether it's made on the stove or served in a small Alpine pot with a candle. This mix has four different kinds of cheese.

Potatoes, Reblochon cheese, lardons, and onions make up French Alps tartiflette. A tub of cream elevates this potato dish.

5) Tartiflette

Put away your ideas of macaroni in a tin, because this pasta bake has gone high-end. Many restaurants now offer ultra-luxe versions of it.

6) Macaroni cheese

Using a good melting cheese from Europe, like Reblochon, raclette, or gruyère, is the key to making these potatoes really stand out.

7) Fondue baked potatoes

Melted cheese on toasted bread will never get old, whether it's in a rarebit, a croque-madame, or a good old-fashioned panini.

8) Deluxe toasties

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