Top 3 Astrology Believers Based on Zodiac Sign

If you only consider the components, earth signs would likely be the least likely to believe in astrology. After all, they have a reputation for being quite pragmatic and based in reality.


 Taurus would be an exception, particularly in terms of love. Bulls governed by Venus are the kind to Google a potential romantic partner's zodiac compatibility to determine if they are a good match.

While they won't completely disregard someone who isn't a Zodiac sign, they will appreciate knowing what to expect from someone based on their zodiac sign.

Cancer is one of the zodiac's most emotional signs. They are the types who become so moved by a wonderful occasion that they cry and apologize for being "such a Cancer."


Since their ruling planet is the Moon, their emotions are correlated with the phases of the moon. Cancers may be a bit more irritable than usual throughout the month

but they will apologize afterward. Cancers create strong relationships with their family and friends, if their best friend is a firm believer in astrology, it is possible that they do as well.

Pisces is the zodiac sign most likely to believe in astrology, ahead of all other signs. First, they are governed by the ethereal Neptune, who oversees all spiritual matters.


This includes intuition, psychic powers, manifestations, dreams, and fancies. Because Pisces are so in tune with the supernatural, astrology makes a great deal of sense to them.

They believe in it so strongly that they have at least two astrologers on speed dial.

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