Top 10 Singers in the World 2022

1. Dua Lipa

Net Worth: $25 million

British singer-model Dua Lipa is 25. She is a legendary singer. Since her 2017 self-titled debut album, the 25-year-old has had tremendous hits.

2. Lady Gaga

Net Worth: $320 Million.

"Poker Face" made Lady Gaga famous. Her provocative lifestyle and cringe-worthy music videos keep her in the news.

3.Taylor Swift

Net Worth: $365 million.

Taylor Swift is well-known. The 31-year-old "American Sweetheart" keeps releasing hits. Country singer turned pop vocalist.

4. Shawn Mendes

Net Worth: $40 million.

22-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes. He excels. One of the youngest vocalists, the 22-year-old published his debut studio album at 18.

5. Selena Gomez

Net Worth: $75 million

Selena Gomez is a popular singer. As a Disney kid actor, she has been writing lots of new songs. She's a top-selling pop vocalist.

6. Beyonce Knowles

Net Worth: $500million

Beyonce, the oldest, is the strongest. She is a top-selling Hollywood vocalist. Destiny's Child made her famous.

7. The Weeknd

Net Worth: $100million

The Weeknd has elevated R&B. He made R&B 2022-friendly as a Canadian. He's one of 2022's biggest vocalists. Hidden meanings make his songs appealing.

8. : Halsey

Net Worth: $20million

Halsey's inclusion on this list may disappoint some because she hasn't accomplished much. She can do much more. The 26-year-hits old's include Without me, Gasoline, and Don't play.

9. Billie Eilish

Net Worth: $25 Million.

The youngest is Billie Eilish. World-famous vocalist. She won five 2020 Grammys. Her dark pop sound distinguishes her from other prominent vocalists.

10.  Demi Lovato

Net Worth: $40million

American singer and songwriter Demi Lovato is 28. She's unique and one of 2022's best singers.

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