Today in The Zodiac Signs 

Too much housework may make you irritable. You may also be depressed due to time constraints. Unhappy female visitors may not help.



After difficult weeks, you're planning your next trip. You may want to fly to a distant state or nation. Consider several possibilities today! It's too soon to decide.


Some unpleasant dreams may cause unexplained anxiety. Write down your dreams and study the symbols. These dreams are likely emotional leftovers


You may be busy. Preparing for a family gathering? Don't overwork. Get family or friend help. If you're overdoing it, slow down. You may not require such lavish entertainment. 


Negative friends may make you doubt your skills. Use your objectivity to see things as they are, not how others see them. You're probably feeling more expansive and intuitive. 


Today, you may feel trapped. Strong forces are making you feel responsible for a life mess. Remember that two people can build or break a partnership. Avoid self-blame.


Today's domestic duties may overwhelm you. You may feel abandoned by family. Do what's urgent and save the rest for when they're home! You and your partner may disagree. 


Today, think positively. This may be difficult. You may be bridging an island to the shore. Rising waters will consume the island. People are rushing to you. Avoid escalation!


Today, Superman-like, you may overextend. Overbooking errands and housework is possible. You may spend your day attempting to see too many individuals. 


Submerge today. You may be doing well right now, but you won't advance unless you do more. If you don't, someone else may and leave you without assistance. Prevail!


Today, unexpected triumphs may leave you breathless. It may take a time to get your bearings if you feel dazed. You may receive many letters and phone calls, s


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