The 10 Richest Women in the America’s 2022 

Age: 78
Source: Healthcare Software
State: Wisconsin
Net Worth: $6.7 B

Judy Faulkner 

Age: 75
Source: Roofing
State: Wisconsin
Net Worth: $12.2 billion

 Diane Hendricks

Age: 90
ource: Trucking
State: Arkansas
Net Worth: $4.3 billion

 Johnelle Hunt

Age: 84
Source: Retail & Gas Stations
State: Oklahoma
Net Worth: $5.2billion

 Judy Love

Age: 63
Source: IT Provider
State: Texas
Net Worth: $4.1 billion

 Thai Lee

Age: 89
Source: Little Caesars Pizza
State: Michigan
Net Worth: $4.3billion

Marian Ilitch

Age: 79
Source: Agriculture
State: California
Net Worth: $4billion

Lynda Resnick 

Age: 78
Source: Car Dealerships
State: Utah
Net Worth: $4 B

Gail Miller

Age: 63
Source: Aerospace
State: Nevada
Net Worth: $2.6billion

Eren Ozmen

Age: 65
Source: eBay
State: California
Net Worth: $3.1billion

Meg Whitman

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