NFL World Reacts to Wild AFC Playoffs Rumor

This Thursday afternoon, the age-old proverb describing the choice between two terrible options will make its way to the NFL.

Adam Schefter reported on ESPN's First Take on Thursday morning that the NFL is considering a variety of possibilities regarding the top teams in the currently murky AFC playoff scenario.

According to Schefter, if these clubs (Bills, Chiefs, and Bengals) claim the conference's top spot, they may face a challenging situation.

If one of the NFL's proposed remedies, hosting the AFC Championship Game at a neutral site, fails, the league is allegedly considering giving the No. 1 seed.

The catch is that the No. 2 seed gets whatever the No. 1 seed does not select.
Listen to Michael Schefter explain this potentially remarkable new AFC playoff system.

The suggested changes to the AFC Playoffs are a direct result of Monday's postponed game between the Bengals and Bills.

Both teams, as well as the Chiefs, are still in contention for the conference's top spot.

What does the NFL community think of the wild postseason rumor reported on Thursday?

Anthony Dabbundo, a contributor with Action Network, believes that a neutral site AFC CG is the fairest and least difficult option at this time.

Others, such as Green Bay columnist Peter Bukowski, believe that Schefter's proposed option for the AFC's top seed should become a permanent postseason fixture.

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