NFL coaches have deep family ties

Luke Steckel is finishing his 10th season with the Tennessee Titans, the NFL team that made its only Super Bowl trip with his father, Les, as offensive coordinator.

A college friend and an interview took Steckel away from being a production assistant on "Iron Man 2." "football.

Les Steckel, who worked for seven NFL clubs and coaches, had no role in his son's Cleveland football debut. His son called to inform him of the interview.

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“It's funny how that stuff works out, but growing up in that environment where it's... sort of hard to escape,” Steckel added.

In the 2020 NFL diversity and inclusion report on occupational mobility patterns, internal league research indicated that 63 NFL coaches were connected by blood or marriage. 

In his introductory message for the 2020 and 2021 reports, NFL executive vice president of football operations.

 “Merit-based policies and practices need to be considered in order to discourage the system of nepotism that unduly influences the hiring cycle — family, agents, friend networks.”

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12 of the 35 head coaches in 2022—three of whom were fired and replaced—are linked to NFL coaches.

USA Today reported that 93 of the 717 on-field coaches this season (13%) are related to a current or past NFL coach, and 76 of those 93 are white.

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