Most Promising Signs in the Zodiac

Today's Moon in your zodiac sign is an opportunity to assess the equilibrium between your inner self and your external life. 

1. Virgo

Your life has been marked by a period of shift in your relationships and even your living situation.

Your sign, Virgo, represents romantic relationships due to its controversial nature.

2. Pisces

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Whenever there is activity within the Virgo zodiac sign, you will experience a more active period in your own life.

Due to the Moon's move into Virgo today, you will be more concerned with your emotions than your actions.

The Moon in Virgo assists you in preparing for Mars' imminent direct motion in Gemini. 

3. Gemini

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Since August, Mars, the planet of activity and ambition, has been retrograde in your sign.

You have been asked to slow down and make decisions differently than you typically would, which has prompted increased introspection in your private life.

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