Most Beautiful Cities in The U.S.

History and modernity are wedded at the hip in Boston, one of the earliest major cities in the United States.

1. Boston, MA

San Francisco, a lovely city built on enormous hills and surrounded by sea, is a location that follows its own rhythm.

2. San Francisco

Seattle is the crowning jewel of the Pacific Northwest, with its verdant parks and unending views of Puget Sound. 

3. Seattle, WA

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Charleston is certainly one of America's great cities, steeped in history yet possessing a totally modern attitude toward the arts, culture.

4. Charleston, SC

New Orleans is undergoing a revival after 300 years of existence, except for the streets, which are the roughest.

5. New Orleans, LA

Summerfest, the largest music festival in the world, is held in Milwaukee over three consecutive weekends in June and July.

6. Milwaukee, WI

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No matter where you go in Salt Lake City, you can always see the snow-capped Rocky Mountains.

7. Salt Lake City, UT

Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, deep-dish pizza, and the Chicago Cubs are but three of the magnificent things.

8. Chicago, IL

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