McCarthy lost both rounds of speaker voting

McCarthy lost this first vote by a historic margin, as 19 Republicans chose to vote for someone else instead of supporting his campaign for speaker.

While the majority of conservative defectors supported Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Arizona), a handful also supported House Freedom Caucus vice-chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio

While the 19 defections were fewer than the 31 GOP no-votes McCarthy received when he was nominated by the party for the speakership in mid-November

they were sufficient to sink his hopes for the first ballot and ultimately place him behind Democrat Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), who received 212 votes compared to McCarthy's 203.

Notably, despite the fact that several new GOP representatives-elect voted against McCarthy, New York

George Santos, a Republican, was present to cast his vote for the candidate who had, up until this point, failed to condemn Santos' significant history of lying

And misrepresenting his personal and professional qualifications. Santos voted for the candidate.

Despite Rep. Jordan's nomination of McCarthy on the second ballot, McCarthy's opponents rallied more solidly around Rep. Jordan on the second ballot.

In fact, all 19 of the previous round's anti-McCarthy bloc voted for the Ohio Republican.

This occurred despite the fact that Jordan had nominated McCarthy on the second ballot.

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