Lose Fat Faster By Drinking These Tea

This popular food around the world is on every celebrity's diet plan because it is so good at getting rid of fat.

1. Green Tea

The Chinese Journal Of Integrative Medicine discovered that persons who drank Oolong tea daily for 6 weeks shed 6 pounds! Catechins in this Chinese tea bomb fat cells.

2. Oolong Tea

This minty tea, known as toothpaste water, can curb cravings with a sniff. This tea will decrease your appetite and stop even your strongest food cravings.

3. Peppermint Tea

Cumin seeds are a popular spice that is used in dishes from India, Mexico, and the Middle East. You can make a cup of spicy, minty tea by boiling anti-inflammatory seeds in a pot of water.

4. Cumin Tea

To get rid of bloating, just squeeze some lemon juice into a cup of brewed tea of your choice.

5. Lemon Tea

White tea is the least processed and most antioxidant-rich. This unique drink reduces fat and prevents fat cell growth.

6. White Tea

This bright red tea, which is also called Rooibos tea, has a compound called aspalathin that makes you feel less hungry and slows down the rate at which you store fat.

7. Red Tea

If you don't have fancy teas, make black tea. Caffeine raises your heart rate, improving your cardiovascular system.

8. Black Tea

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