Is Donald Trump Headed to Jail?

We've had a brief break from the near decade of 24/7 Donald Trump coverage thanks to the Kevin McCarthy drama.

A Trump World update has gone unnoticed while the GOP has been ripping itself apart in speaker vote after speaker vote.

Bloomberg reported that Special Counsel Jack Smith and his Justice Department prosecutors are reviewing new testimony and material. “He'll decide on charges in weeks.”

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State grand juries received DOJ special counsel subpoenas. State officials said they followed subpoenas.

The DOJ received Nevada evidence indicating Trump's 2020 campaign representatives accused local officials of fraud and mismanagement in the days after the election.

Trump campaign staffers badgering local election proctors in Elko, Nevada will not get a former President of the United States prosecuted.

White House advisers said that Trump knew he lost the election and helped seat alternate slates of electors in some of the states he lost.

Former DOJ prosecutor Brian Kidd said, “You can tell things going quickly.” Concerns about the DOJ slowing down or losing speed have not materialised.

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