Improve Digestion With This Type of Food

Yogurt contains probiotics, which promote good microorganisms in the digestive tract and assist digestion.

1. Yogurt

The pectin in apples aids in stool bulk and movement through the digestive system. Additionally, it may reduce inflammation in the colon.

2. Apples

The antispasmodic activity and fiber content of fennel can help digestion by reducing certain unfavorable gastrointestinal symptoms.

3. Fennel

Kefir's unique component, "grains" formed from yeast and bacteria, appears to enhance digestion and reduce intestinal inflammation.

4. Kefir

The high fiber content of chia seeds can aid digestion by supporting the growth of probiotics in the stomach and maintaining regularity.

5. Chia Seeds

The high probiotic content of kombucha promotes digestion and intestinal health. The beverage may also aid in healing stomach ulcers.

6. Kombucha

Papain is a powerful digestive enzyme that aids in the healthy digestion of proteins and is found in papaya. It may also ease symptoms of IBS.

7. Papaya

Due to their high fiber content, whole grains promote good digestion by adding bulk to stools, so preventing constipation, and nourishing healthy gut bacteria.

8. Whole Grains

The fermentation process and probiotic presence of tempeh can reduce unpleasant digestive symptoms and enhance nutrition absorption by degrading the antinutrient phytic acid.

9. Tempeh

The nutrients in beetroot can enhance digestion by feeding beneficial gut bacteria and increasing stool volume.

10. Beets

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