8 Health Benefits of Pistachios

Pistachios are antioxidant, protein, and fiber-rich. They contain vitamin B6, potassium, and other nutrients.

1. Loaded with nutrients

Antioxidant-rich pistachios They include eye-healthy lutein and zeaxanthin.

2. High in antioxidants

Pistachios have more protein and fewer calories than most nuts. Their essential amino acid content is highest among nuts.

3. Low in calories yet high in protein

Pistachios may promote weight loss. Mindful eating is enhanced by in-shell pistachios.

4. May aid weight loss

Fiber-rich pistachios benefit intestinal microbes. Pistachios may boost butyrate-producing bacteria.

5. Promote healthy gut bacteria

Pistachios may decrease cholesterol. It may reduce blood pressure more than other nuts.

6. May lower cholesterol and blood pressure

Blood vessel health may benefit from pistachio nuts. L-arginine, when converted into nitric oxide, dilates blood vessels.

7. May promote blood vessel health

The low glycemic index of pistachios may help keep blood sugar levels down.

8. May help lower blood sugar

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