Health Benefits of Drinking Ginger Tea

Folk medicine says that ginger tea can help ease the symptoms of motion sickness, such as feeling dizzy, throwing up, and getting cold sweats.

Gingerols, which are found in ginger, are thought by some experts to help relieve nausea caused by pregnancy, chemotherapy, or surgery.

Researchers have found that taking 2–6 grammes of ginger every day may help protect against heart disease.

A lot of research shows that eating ginger can help you lose weight and control your blood sugar.

Ginger has chemicals called gingerol and shogaol that help stop the body from making pro-inflammatory markers.

Studies have shown that ginger may even help prevent cancer, mainly because it contains gingerol and shogaol.

Animal studies show that gingerol and shogaol may protect against the loss of brain function that comes with getting older because they are antioxidants.

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