9 Health Benefits of Cardamom

Possibly due to its antioxidant and diuretic qualities, cardamom may help reduce blood pressure.

1. Antioxidant and May Lower Blood Pressure

Certain cardamom compounds may prevent the development of cancers in animals and test tubes.

2. May Contain Cancer-Fighting Compounds

Cardamom's antioxidant components may help in protecting cells from harm and reducing and preventing inflammation in the body.

3. May Protect from Chronic Diseases

In rats, cardamom has been proven to lower the number and size of stomach ulcers. This suggests that cardamom may protect against digestive disorders.

4. May Help with Digestive Problems

Cardamom is frequently used to treat sour breath and is an ingredient in many chewing gums.

5. May Treat Bad Breath

Cardamom's essential oils and extracts may be beneficial against numerous bacterial types that cause fungal infections, food poisoning, and gastrointestinal problems.

6. May Have Antibacterial Effects

Cardamom may improve breathing in people and animals by increasing improved oxygen intake and calming air flow to the lungs.

7. May Improve Breathing

Cardamom may help reduce elevated blood sugar levels, according to a study on rats, but further high-quality human studies are required.

8. May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Cardamom extract may reduce high levels of liver enzymes, triglycerides, and cholesterol. Additionally, they may prevent liver hypertrophy and weight

9. Liver protection

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