9 Foods to Eat in Typhoid

It is suggested that all typhoid patients consume a high-calorie diet. The high calorie intake provides energy and power to the weaker patient.

1. Take a High Calorie diet

If you search the internet for what to eat in/during typhoid fever, you'll typically obtain recommendations for carbohydrate-rich foods.

2. Take food High in Carbohydrate content

One of the first things you should know is that typhoid patients should drink enough of water.

3. Have plenty of Fluids and Fruits with high Water content

Dairy products are also on the list of foods to avoid while suffering from typhoid fever. When a person has this sickness, they should be consumed in large quantities.

4. Consume Dairy products

When searching for 'what should we eat in typhoid,' remember that soups are always a decent choice. Soups are high in nutrients, highly digested

5. Have Soup!

Do you know what veggies to consume while you have typhoid? Choose low-fiber meals, such as cooked veggies

6. Have Cooked Vegetables

In terms of typhoid food, simple boiling yellow Moong daal is a healthy option. Many people in our nation are well aware of the benefits of boiling yellow daal

7. Eat simple boiled yellow Moong Daal

Banana, one of the healthiest foods for typhoid, is next on our list of things to eat in/during typhoid. It includes a lot of energy, which is needed to battle this sickness.

8. Eat Bananas

Honey is the greatest choice to fulfil your body's sugar requirement during typhoid since it has antibacterial property.

9. Have Honey

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