Foods That Make Acne Even Worse

Skim Milk

Boys who drink skim milk are more likely to have acne than boys who don't. Girls who said they drank milk were more likely to have acne.


Not only will cutting back on sugar make a big difference on the scale, but it could also make your skin clearer.


Pizza is great, but it might cause acne. Pizza is high in saturated fat, which is harmful for gut health and inflammation, and cheese can irritate skin.

Egg Whites

Vitamin-rich yolks promote clear skin. If you create an egg white omelet every morning, you'll overlook egg yolks' regulatory vitamins, like biotin.


Soy can mess up your hormones in the same way that milk can. Isoflavones, which are found in soy, can act like estrogen in your body.

White Bread

Foods like bagels, oatmeal, pretzels, pasta, and cereal have been shown to cause acne and rosacea and speed up the aging process of the skin.

Fast Food

Fast food not only makes you feel bad, but it also doesn't have any good nutrients, like omega-3s. "Omega-3s may also help reduce acne and other skin problems.


Alcohol is another thing that can cause inflammation, and it can show up on your skin if you drink a lot of it.

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