Foods That Are High in Vitamin C

Chili peppers

Per 100 grams, green chili peppers have 242 mg of vitamin C. So, one green chili pepper gives you 121% of the DV and one red chili pepper gives you 72%.


Per 100 grams, guavas have 228 mg of vitamin C. This vitamin is found in 138% of the DV in one guava fruit.

Sweet yellow peppers

With 183 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams, yellow peppers have the most vitamin C of all sweet peppers.


For every 100 grams of blackcurrants, there are 181 mg of vitamin C. One-half cup of blackcurrants has 113% of the daily value for vitamin C.


Vitamin C is 133 mg/100 grams in parsley. Two tablespoons of fresh parsley in your meal provides 11% of the DV for vitamin C, which boosts iron absorption.


100 grams of kale has 93 mg of vitamin C, while a cup that has been lightly steamed has 21 mg.


For every 100 grammes of kiwis, there are 75 mg of vitamin C. One medium-sized kiwi has 62% of the DV for vitamin C, which is good for the immune system and blood flow.

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