Foods That Are High in Starch

Cornmeal is a gluten-free flour prepared from corn that has been dried. One cup (159 grams) of starch comprises 117 grams or 74% by weight.

1. Cornmeal (74%)

Rice Krispies are a famous rice-based breakfast cereal that is fortified with vitamins and minerals. They contain 20.2 grams per ounce, or 72.1% by weight, of starch.

2. Rice Krispies Cereal

Pretzels are frequently manufactured with refined wheat, which can cause a quick rise in blood sugar levels.

3. Pretzels (71.3%)

Millet flour is produced by crushing millet seeds, a category of highly nutritious ancient grains. 70% by weight of one cup (119 grams) of millet flour is composed of starch.

4. Millet Flour (70%)

Sorghum is an ancient, healthy grain that is crushed into sorghum flour. A cup of sorghum flour (121 grams) contains 82 grams of starch or 68% by weight.

5. Sorghum Flour (68%)

White flour, millet flour, and sorghum flour are popular flours with comparable starch content.

6. White Flour (68%)

Saltine crackers are poor in nutrition and rich in starch. Five standard saltine crackers (15 grams) contain 11 grams of starch, or 67.8 percent by weight, per serving.

7. Saltine Crackers (67.8%)

Oatmeal is a fantastic breakfast option because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. One cup (81 grams) of starch comprises 46.9 grams or 57.9% by weight.

8. Oats (57.9%)

Instant noodles are highly processed and contain a great deal of starch. One packet includes 47.7 grams of starch, which accounts for 56% of its weight.

9. Instant Noodles (56%)

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