8 Foods and Drinks High in Sugar

Yogurt may be a very healthful food. Not all yoghurt, however, is made equal. Reduced fat yoghurts, like many other low fat products, may have additional sugar to increase flavour.

1. Low fat yogurt

Ketchup is one of the most popular condiments in the world, although it, like BBQ sauce, is generally high in sugar.

2. Ketchup

When selecting a fruit juice, look for one labelled 100% fruit juice, as sugar-sweetened varieties might include a lot of sugar and very little fibre.

3. Fruit juice

Chocolate milk is milk that has been sweetened with sugar and flavoured with chocolate. Milk is a healthy beverage. It's high in minerals that are beneficial to bone health.

4. Chocolate milk

Although flavoured coffee is popular, the quantity of hidden sugars in these drinks might be shocking.

5. Flavored coffees

Usually, iced tea is sweetened with sugar or flavoured with syrup. Because it is popular in a variety of shapes and tastes all across the world, the sugar amount varies slightly.

6. Iced tea

It's a healthy choice when cooked with fresh whole ingredients and may be a wonderful way to enhance your veggie consumption without much effort.

7. Premade soup

Natural sugars are found in all fruits. Some canned fruit, on the other hand, is peeled and kept in sweet syrup.

8. Canned fruit

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