Easy to Digest Foods You Should Eat

Low-fiber foods are usually foods that are easy to digest. This is because fibre is the part of fruits, vegetables, and grains that your body can't digest, even though it's good for you.

Whole fruits have a lot of fiber, but cooking them breaks down the fibre a lot, making it much easier to digest.

Canned or cooked fruits

Whole vegetables have a lot of fiber, just like whole fruits. When they are cooked, some of the fiber breaks down, making them easier to digest.

Canned or cooked vegetables

Fruit and vegetable juices that have been strained to remove the pulp are both low in fiber and low in calories.

Lean meats like chicken, turkey, and fish digest well. Tender beef and ground meats are also good. Eggs, creamy nut butter, and tofu provide protein for vegetarians.

Meat products and protein

Your body may tolerate processed cookies without dried fruits or nuts. This includes refined flour pasta and pretzels.


Dairy can make lactose-intolerant people sick. Find lactose-free or low-lactose products. Dairy is low in fibre and digestible for many people.

Dairy products

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