Cygnus Cargo Craft Makes It to Space Station After Unusual Travel Glitch

There were some tense moments over the last few days as Northrop Grumman's NG-18 Cygnus space freighter journeyed to the International Space Station after a major glitch.

Only one of the spacecraft's two solar arrays unfurled, but NASA announced the cargo craft had pulled off a successful docking maneuver on Wednesday morning.

Cygnus is loaded with 4 tons of hardware, crew supplies and research equipment

It launched from Virginia on Monday morning. The ISS crew captured the spacecraft using a robotic arm and installed Cygnus on an available port. 

NASA saying Northrop Grumman was gathering data on the second array deployment and working closely with the space agency to investigate what happened.

Northrop Grumman said the spacecraft had sufficient power to rendezvous with the ISS as scheduled. That assessment ended up being accurate.

The uncrewed cargo craft uses fold-out solar arrays that tuck away during launch and later open up like circular fans.

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