The Color You Should Paint Your Living Room, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Want to give your living room a refresh but keep finding yourself staring at the walls while holding stacks of paint samples?

You're not alone! Of all the rooms in your home, this is probably where you spend the most time, so it's an important decision.

Aries likes to take risks. When others cast doubt on your abilities, you take it as a challenge to prove them wrong.

Aries: Maroon

Ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and beauty, Tauruses are very particular when it comes to matters of personal style and taste.

Taurus: Moss Green

Geminis are outgoing, bubbly, and spontaneous. While others are stuck in their ways, you're always pushing yourself to try new things and explore the world. 

Gemini: Yellow

There's no place like home for you, Cancer. As the sign that spends most of your time tending to the emotional needs of others, you need your alone time more than anyone. 

Cancer: Blush Pink

Libra has a reputation for being the fair and balanced mediator of the zodiac, but as the sign ruled by glamorous Venus, it's equally important for you to always look your best

Libra: Gold

You're a passionate person, Scorpio. Although you keep a cool demeanor on the surface, you find yourself deeply moved by your emotions.

Scorpio: Black

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