9 Calcium-Rich Foods You Should Know

Many seeds are high in calcium and often include other key nutrients like protein and healthy fats.

1. Seeds

Parmesan cheese has 19% of the daily value for calcium, whereas Brie contains just 4%. Dairy consumption may reduce your risk of heart disease.

2. Cheese

Yogurt is one of the greatest calcium sources, with 1 cup supplying up to 34% of the DV (245 grams). It's also high in protein and other nutrients.

3. Yogurt

Beans are quite nutritious. One cup (172 grammes) of cooked wing beans has 19% of the daily value for calcium, whereas other types have between 3-12% for the same serving size.

4. Beans and lentils

Milk is an excellent source of calcium, which the body readily absorbs. One cup (237 mL) of milk contains 24-25% of the daily value for this mineral.

5. Milk

Almonds are packed with nutrients such as healthy fats, protein, and magnesium. One ounce (28 grammes), or 23 nuts, provides 6% of the daily value for calcium.

6. Almonds

Whey protein is an extremely nutritious protein source that offers around 12% of the daily value for calcium in each 1.2-ounce (33-gram) scoop.

7. Whey protein

Some leafy greens, such as collard greens, are high in calcium, with each cooked cup providing 21% of the daily value (190 grams).

8. Leafy greens

Rhubarb contains a lot of fiber, vitamin K, and other nutrients. It also contains calcium, though the body only absorbs a small amount of it.

9. Rhubarb

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