Best Ways to Get a Flat Stomach

Consuming too little calories might slow the metabolism and have serious health consequences. Consequently, it is essential not to restrict calories excessively or for too long.

Consuming soluble fiber can enhance sensations of fullness, aid in the reduction of caloric absorption, and prevent the buildup of visceral fat around the organs.

20–40 minutes of moderate to cardio exercise per day has been shown to be useful for lowering stomach fat.

Protein shakes are an easy method to increase your protein intake. Increasing your protein intake may aid in the maintenance of lean body mass, suppression of hunger, and reduction of visceral fat.

Monounsaturated fatty acid-rich diets may reduce abdominal fat and aid in weight management.

Limiting your total carbohydrate intake or substituting refined carbs for whole grains could help you lose weight and minimize abdominal fat.

Resistance exercise may prevent the loss of muscle mass that is commonly associated with dieting, thereby preserving your metabolic rate and reducing body fat and visceral fat.

Regular, brisk walking may be an effective method for reducing body fat and abdominal fat.

Single-ingredient, whole foods are rich in nutrients, including fiber. Several whole foods have also been shown to aid with weight management.

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