Badges Level 1 Playmaking in NBA 2K23

Quick First Step is one of the most versatile and useful badges for your gamer. This badge lets you surge to the hoop and launch faster in triple-threat or sizing-up situations.

1. Quick First Step

This badge is arguably the best playmaking badge in the game because it has no height restriction.

Though meant for passing-heavy positions like point guards, the Floor General badge is beneficial for all positions.

2. Floor General

When you play, your teammates get an offensive attribute bonus, making them much better. This badge is also height-unrestricted.

In NBA 2K23, dribbling a lot in one sequence drains a player's energy bar, which doesn't necessarily lead to success.

3. Handles For Days

Handles For Days saves energy when stringing together multiple dribbling actions. Handles For Days badge users must be under 7'0".

NBA 2K23 turnovers frustrate. When dribbling, proper ball handling will reduce this. If you don't, you'll lose the ball quickly, especially as a forward or centre.

4. Unpluckable

Unpluckable prevents defenders from stealing the ball. This badge is fantastic in the paint or on the perimeter and has no height restrictions.

Open players with the Dimer badge get a shooting percentage boost when they pass in the half-court. This badge is fittingly height-free.

5. Dimer

Today's NBA shows that forwards and centres can pass well too. This badge is for passers of all ranks.

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