8 Surprising Health Benefits of Peaches

Peaches include a lot of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. They also have useful plant components such as antioxidants.

1. Packed with nutrients

Peaches include fibre, which aids digestion and reduces the risk of digestive problems.

2. May Aid Digestion

Peaches include chemicals that may help lower heart disease risk factors such as high blood pressure, triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

3. May Improve Heart Health

Peaches and peach flowers contain compounds that may help keep your skin healthy by retaining moisture and protecting it from sun damage.

4. May Protect Your Skin

Peach compounds may offer some cancer protection by limiting the formation, growth, and spread of cancerous cells.

5. May Prevent Certain Types of Cancer

Peaches may help reduce allergy symptoms by lowering your immune system's response to allergens.

6. May Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Peaches are high in antioxidants and immune-boosting nutrients. According to preliminary research, they may also be effective against certain types of bacteria.

7. May boost immunity

In one study, peach extracts given to smokers boosted nicotine elimination through urine.

8. May protect against certain toxins

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