6 Foods to Eat on an Empty Stomach

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1). Yogurt

Yogurt is ideal for breakfast on an empty stomach. It contains probiotics for a healthy digestive tract and immune system.

2). Banana

Bananas are one of the best foods that nature has to offer. They are full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

3). Oatmeal

Oatmeal is an excellent source of sustained-release energy, and it also helps regulate blood sugar levels. Oatmeal's soluble fibre helps you feel full until lunchtime.

4). Eggs

Eggs have a lot of protein in them. Eggs have more protein than any other natural food, which makes them a great choice for breakfast when you're hungry but not full.

5). Almonds

Almonds can give you more energy to start your day because they are high in vitamin E. You can put these nuts in a salad, eat them by themselves, or put them in a protein shake.

6). Green Leafy 

We love vegetables for their energy-boosting properties. Magnesium-rich green leafy vegetables

7). Watermelon

Citrulline, an amino acid found in large amounts in watermelon, may help move blood through your body and can lower your blood pressure.

9). AMLA

Amla berries' antioxidants and vitamins are healthy. Amla's vitamin C boosts healing.

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