5 Toughest Zodiac Signs who are Emotionally Intelligent

Leo-born people are prominent for their leadership skills and rock-solid minds. Individuals with this zodiac sign are fierce and fearless.

1. Leo

Aquarius is the toughest star sign on the zodiacal wheel. People with this zodiac sign are headstrong who exactly know how to control their emotions in difficult situations.

2. Aquarius

Taurus is a strong-headed zodiac sign who stays active and aware all the time. These beings are highly focussed on their physical and mental well-being and are mindful of their proficiencies.

3. Taurus

Virgos are practical, humble and sympathetic from the inside. They might feel a lot of things but don’t believe in showing them to other people.

4. Virgo

Sagittarians are known for their free-spirited nature. These beings love to go with the flow and put the emotional stuff last on their list.

5. Sagittarius

They are well aware of their sentiments and can effortlessly manage their reactions to heart-breaking news or events in an extremely mature and pragmatic way.

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