10 Ways to Increase Your Appetite

Have five or six smaller meals per day instead of three large ones. As your appetite improves, you can start increasing portions and adding more ingredients.

1. Eat Small Meals More Frequently

Decrease your intake of empty calories. Instead, make easy substitutions to focus on more nutritious foods that contain protein, healthy fats and whole grains.

2. Eat Nutrient-Rich Foods

Add calorie-rich ingredients as you’re preparing your meals to consume more calories throughout the day.

3. Add More Calories to Your Meals

Scheduling and setting reminders for meals can help you promote appetite and keep track of your food intake.

4. Schedule Meal Times

Eating breakfast every day could promote your appetite and increase thermogenesis, which could motivate you to eat more.

5. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Decreasing the amount of fiber in your diet could reduce feelings of fullness and make you eat more food during the day.

6. Eat Less Fiber

Drinking your calories and nutrients instead of eating them could help motivate you to consume your food.

7. Drink Your Calories

Physical activity can make you burn more calories and stimulate your appetite by increasing metabolic rate and hormone production.

8. Exercise More

Keeping a food diary can help you track your food intake and promote better eating habits and appetite.

9. Keep a Food Diary

Eat more of the foods you like. This will help motivate you to eat and stimulate your appetite.

10. Eat More of Your Favorite Foods

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