10 Best Foods for Constipation Relief

Whether you put them in a smoothie or make a cup of pudding with them, chia seeds can help your digestive system work better.

Chia seeds

Raspberries are sweet, tasty, and high in fiber. They can help people who have trouble going to the bathroom.


"Soluble fiber to the diet, which helps increase the transit time of bowel movements," makes flaxseeds a great constipation snack.

Ground flax seeds

Beans' non-digestible fibre helps move waste through your intestines faster.


Not only does quinoa make you feel full, but it can also help you avoid the symptoms of constipation.


Prunes can ease the symptoms of constipation, make it easier to pass stools, and speed up the time it takes to get rid of waste in a healthy way.


Avocado toast might do more for you in the mornings than just give you a tasty breakfast.


Magnesium, an important mineral that can help with constipation," is found in large amounts in leafy greens.

Dark leafy greens

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