10 Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Nutrients found in fruits and vegetables have been shown to decrease inflammation.

Reduced inflammation

Diets based on plants may help improve mortality rates among people with chronic renal disease.

Reduced carbon footprint

Type 2 diabetics from acquiring kidney damage, but also assist reverse Type 2 diabetes. Diets based on plants may help improve mortality rates among people.

Lower risk of Type 2 diabetes

whole fruits are more nutritious than fruit juice, even 100 percent juice, which frequently loses minerals and vitamins during processing and is high in sugar.

Reduced risk of heart disease

Numerous studies have demonstrated the cholesterol-lowering advantages of plant-based diets, particularly vegetarian or vegan diets containing nuts.

Low levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol

There is a direct association between high fruit and vegetable consumption and a dramatically decreased risk of cognitive impairment and dementia.

Reduced risk of cognitive impairment

It has been established that vegetarian and vegan diets maintain a healthy mix of beneficial bacteria that improve gut and general health.

Improved gut health

Whole plant foods, as opposed to processed foods, may prevent up to one-third of all cancer incidences.

Reduced risk of certain cancers

A large body of research supports entire plants as an excellent choice for athletic performance

Improved athletic performance

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