Wake up and smell the coffee: 7 artisanal Indian roasts you should be sipping

Which coffee do you prefer? A robust cup of espresso? An iced coffee or the traditional French press? More and more Indians are enjoying their coffee the artisanal way thanks to a number of homegrown coffee brands, where the emphasis is on high-quality beans that highlight India’s single-origin estates, roasted by hand in small batches to ensure freshness, and finally ground as per your preferred method of brewing. Consider the aero press, moka pot, and French press.

This is the third or fresh wave of coffee in India that has emerged in recent years. Numerous micro roasteries, which provide a whole coffee drinking experience from fragrance to taste, are now located in cities such Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru, among others. You start by selecting the flavour profile that appeals to you the most (light, medium or dark roast). These often feature elements of chocolate, fruit, honey, and spices as well as scents that might be nutty, sweet, or tropical, adding another layer of flavour to the roast. The last option is how you want your coffee ground.

The indigenous people of Araku Valley picking coffee cherries

These artisanal coffee companies are upending the industry by exposing customers to premium Indian brews that go beyond instant and filter coffee. When The Flying Squirrel, a Bengaluru-based artisanal coffee firm, first began out six years ago, people’s knowledge of artisanal coffee was quite restricted, according to Ashish D’Abreo, co-founder. Nothing that promised freshness and high flavour was available; the only coffee was mass-produced, instant, or imported, the author claims. “What we sought to alter was that,” Today’s customers are considerably more receptive and knowledgeable about the origins of their coffee. They don’t mind spending more money if it means getting a higher-quality brew, he adds.

More companies have jumped on board as a result of this change in customer perception. One other early entry in the industry, Blue Tokai, got its start in New Delhi with a modest roastery. They now operate 21 cafés throughout all of India, and 10 more will open this year.

Despite the fact that India has been selling coffee to international companies for many years, these companies are gradually rewriting the story and introducing high-quality beans to Indian customers. One of them is Araku Coffee, established and operated in Andhra Pradesh by the Naandi Foundation. The Araku Valley’s climate and soil are ideal for producing coffee, but what makes this region special is how the tribal farmers there are involved in every step of the process, from planting to harvesting to processing. Each farmer tends to a coffee plantation that is one acre in size on our artisanal farms. Araku is a speciality coffee that routinely receives scores of above 85/100 in worldwide cupping procedures due of its outstanding quality, according to Manoj Kumar, CEO of the Naandi Foundation.

Brands are now experimenting more with fresh brews, mixes, and flavour profiles. There are four types of coffee-infused ice cream available at The Flying Squirrel’s café in Bengaluru, each made with a distinct blend of coffee. Similar to this, artisan coffees are appearing in a variety of drinks, desserts, and other dishes. Customers who wish to learn the proper techniques for brewing coffee and what equipment to use often attend coffee cupping sessions.

Here is a list of the top seven artisanal coffee companies in India:
KC Roasters Koinonia Coffee Roasters

For their cold brews and speciality coffee, Koinonia’s unassuming placement in one of Mumbai’s prominent areas attracts a large number of customers. Each and every coffee is hand-roasted, and it comes from different plantations in Southern India. The Marvahulla is a well-liked variation. In addition, they provide a coffee that has been matured in whiskey barrels before being roasted.

Caffe Araku

Araku is becoming more well-known internationally for its premium biodegradable coffee blends and beans, which are produced by Adivasi farmers in Andhra Pradesh. Araku Coffee defeated blends from other nations to win the renowned Prix Epicures gold prize in Paris the previous year. The company sells four different coffee varieties in India, with the Signature and Micro Climate being the most popular.

The greatest artisanal coffees in India can be found at Black Baza Coffee. coffee from Black Baza

Black Baza Coffee was established in an effort to establish “a local, participative, and meaningful movement for coffee.” They believe in giving back to the community and the environment and their coffee can be traced back to the farm in its entirety (think employment, reforestation). They sell mixes of both Arabica and Robusta beans with various flavours. Regular limited editions go together with dark chocolate undertones, South Indian filter kaapi, fruity flavours, and many regular flavours.

BUY Halli Berri’s finest artisanal coffees in India HERE. coffee from Halli Berri

This family-owned coffee farm in Karnataka is managed by four Kariappa ladies. The “House of Halli Berri” has been producing responsibly produced coffee for six generations. The cherries are hand-picked, and the coffee is cultivated in shade. This luxury coffee, which is made in small quantities and is entirely Arabica, has a honey-dew flavour.

When Squirrels Fly

Tej Thammaiah, a third-generation coffee farmer, and Ashish D’Abreo, an advertising expert, founded this Bengaluru-based company. The company has a rolling selection of seasonal coffees with up to 11 distinct brews available. Favorite coffees include the Sunkissed brew and the Parama with chocolate undertones.

Coffee Ainmane
Best artisanal coffees in India: Ainmane Coffee. coffee ainmane

This Coorg-based company makes civet coffee, which is among the priciest coffees in the world and is made by having wild civet cats eat coffee cherries and then excrete the beans so that they can be harvested and processed. In addition, Ainmane provides a selection of coffee blends.

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India’s top artisanal coffees are Blue Tokai. Indigo Tokai

Matt Chittaranjan and Namrata Asthana co-founded Blue Tokai in 2013, which sells freshly roasted coffee in a variety of roasts, from very light to extremely dark. For consumers who want to grind their own coffee before consuming it (which is what we often suggest) or particularly for the brewing equipment they use, the pair notes, “Our coffee is sold as beans.” Some of the top sellers are organic coffee from the MS Estate and the Attikan Estate.

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