Taking A Look At 1418 Coffee House From David’s Point Of View

In the middle of downtown Plano is where you’ll find the homey and simple 1418 Coffee House. Because internet access is provided at no cost, this location is perfect for socializing with friends, as well as for reading, concentrating on schoolwork, or getting some work done. You can get delicious coffee and tea, in addition to a variety of snacks like pastries and sandwiches, and there are even some premade gluten-free dishes that you may pick from.

In July of 2013, 1418 Coffeehouse first opened its doors. 1418 is Plano’s first ever artisan coffee shop, and David and his wife bought it in 2019 for their new business venture. They are not at all like your average coffee shop in any way. They take great pride in providing the ideal environment for their customers to work, study, dream, create, or simply relax in order to get away from the hectic pace of modern culture. In addition, they strive to make the ideal drink and provide the ideal experience for each and every customer who walks through their doors.

1418 Coffee House

The store is commonly characterized as having a hipster-like atmosphere that is warm and inviting. They have an incredible staff of baristas, and all of them are among the very finest in the business. Coffee is now all the rage, and we strive to set ourselves apart from the competition by not striving to stay up with the most recent and cutting-edge trends, but rather by ensuring that our baristas are providing the absolute finest service possible by only offering excellent products. David and his wife hope that when customers leave their business, they will have a positive outlook on the rest of their day and a grin on their face.

Coffee, Community, and Compassion has made it a point to prominently post their company’s mission statement on the front window of their establishment so that they may remain consistently focused on what is most important. According to David, “Coffee signifies they will constantly strive to be better in their trade and will never take for granted the consumers who respect them by selecting 1418.” Coffee also means that they will never take for granted the customers who honor them by choosing 1418.

Their number one priority is to provide first-rate service to customers each and every time they come in. Because they care about the community, they want to be a resource for downtown Plano, the city, the schools, the companies, and the many excellent organizations that are located in our city. Compassion is both straightforward and powerful; during the day, we should ask ourselves, who can we assist today? 1418 is a unique location, and David’s is fortunate to have the honor of being a part of everything that the business represents to such a large number of people, even as we search for new paths to extend and develop the services they provide.

Challenges they’ve faced

On a path devoid of bumps, one will never find anything of worth. The most significant achievements are earned via a combination of toil, self-sacrifice, and dogged determination. It wouldn’t necessarily label everything as a battle, rather than as a chance to make something happen, according to David. He is of the opinion that there is always a way to make things happen if you are solution-minded, avoid getting bogged down in the details, and maintain your attention on the larger tasks at hand.

If there has been a difficulty for them, it was when they took over and had to transition team members who did not have the same attitude or share our goal. This was the time when they faced the greatest obstacle. They always make an effort to treat people with respect and give them a chance, with the ultimate objective of ensuring that you do not just have people in positions, but rather that you have the appropriate people in the appropriate places. Now that the process is behind them, they can reflect on how lucky they are to have recruited bright and quality individuals who are committed to advancing the 1418 mission.

Coffee and people are their product, and they are always working to help others realize the goals they have set for themselves in life. They are aware that customers won’t remain with them forever because of the nature of their company, but they are happy to be able to provide them a location that they will remember fondly as playing an important role in their past.

Contact Info

Address: 1418 K Avenue

Plano, TX 75074

Website: 1418coffee.com

Phone: (214) 738-5664

Email: [email protected]

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