Summer Moon Coffee is the perfect pick-me-up! Review 2022

Summer Moon Coffee is the perfect pick-me-up! Review 2022

Summer Moon Coffee is a name familiar to anybody who has spent any time in Texas, tourist or native. After opening its first store in Austin in 2004, this coffee chain has expanded to 16 other franchisees around Texas. Family-run from its inception, the chain now has 17 convenient sites that are equally popular with out-of-towners and locals.

A smooth and well-rounded cup of coffee is the end result of roasting the beans on a wood-burning stove. Every batch of Summer Moon coffee is slow-roasted in brick roasters that are handcrafted by hand using seasoned wood from Texas.

The team at Summer Moon Coffee drew up the plans, put every brick by hand, and devoted the greater part of the last twenty years to demonstrate that the wood is what makes it excellent. The roasting crew use sight, sound, and smell as tools in order to create a flavor profile that is unmistakably robust and rich.

Coffee beans from Central America, South America, Indonesia, and Africa are used to create a wide range of brews that should appeal to fans of both dark roasts like myself and milder, sweeter brews.

Find a cup of coffee that fits your budget, from $2.50 for an espresso to $5.75 for a 20 oz. Mocha Moon. From classic Americanos to their signature Summermoon, Half Moon, and Wood-Fired Drip Coffee, this cafe has you covered.

Summer Moon Coffee serves cold brew coffee in the form of the Toddy Cold Brew and the Moon Glacier. This variety is great since you can choose precisely what you want, but it might be overwhelming for first-time customers who aren’t familiar with the shop’s offerings, and that’s where the staff comes in. Because of the staff’s warmth and friendliness, you’ll have no trouble finding the right coffee on the menu.

They also have oat, soy, almond, and coconut milk available if you want a sweeter coffee. Syrups come in a variety of flavors, from hazelnut to lavender to sugar-free.

The coffee shop has a funky interior with mismatched seats and other odd decorations. You’ll also see a good number of folks who have decided to make Summer Moon Coffee their daily coffee stop and work there for long periods of time. It’s simple to see why, given how warm and inviting the atmosphere is.

Be aware, nevertheless, that there is limited parking because of the high volume of customers. This is OK if you’re just popping in for a quick cup of coffee on the way to work, but it’s not really conducive to longer stays. It would be best to arrive before the store opens at 8 a.m.

It’s usually rather crowded, so it may not be appealing to those who prefer quieter environments. Summer Moon Coffee is not the best choice if you’re in search of a peaceful, calm coffee shop in Texas.

The flavor of the coffee itself is next. As I was saying before, you may choose from a large variety. However, it’s also worth noting that different coffees come in varying degrees of sweetness. Don’t, I repeat, don’t order a whole moon coffee if you enjoy your coffee on the strong side. You should go for a Whisper (1/8) or a quarter moon instead.

Try to Keep away from the too-sugary varieties if you’re looking for a coffee with a pleasant flavor unless you want that. There’s a takeout cup for the coffee, too.

Others, particularly those who are coming in for a chat or a short break between shifts at work, may prefer their coffee in a cup.


Overall, I loved Summer Moon Coffee. Although it wasn’t the finest coffee I’ve ever had, it was still really nice, and the atmosphere was very chic, and the staff very kind. The coffee isn’t as full-bodied as I had imagined it would be, despite the fact that they brew it in an unusual way and utilize a wood fire. I would still suggest these coffee shops since the idea is interesting and I appreciate the diversity that is offered on the menu; in addition, I’ve heard that the cuisine is of high quality.

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