10 Best Coffee Near Me In Chicago

10 Best Coffee Near Me In Chicago

Chicago is a city with an abundance of coffee shops, but not all are created equal. Some are better than others, and some have more character than others. In this list, you will find 10 different coffee shops that live up to the standards of being one of the best in Chicago.

Hero Coffee Bar

The exceptional quality of the coffee served out at Hero Coffee Bar embodies a certain sense of valor. Both the classic Jackson Avenue site, which is hidden away in the Loop and gives the ideal look for creative Instagram images, and the Lakeview location, which offers a wider room to lounge inside, are located in the same neighborhood.

Colectivo Coffee Co.

In addition to serving some of the city’s tastiest coffee, each of the five Colectivo Coffee Co. locations in Chicago has a lovely outside terrace for customers to enjoy.

The Wormhole

You can travel through time via the Wormhole; in fact, there is a replica of Marty McFly’s DeLorean at the repair shop right now. It is one of the most comfortable places to hang out in Wicker Park, and this coffee shop with a concept from the 1980s offers an extensive variety of delectable coffee beverages.

The Coffee Studio

While indulging in some of the Coffee Studio’s homemade ice cream or sipping on an espresso, The Coffee Studio is the ideal setting for stimulating your imagination and getting your creative juices flowing.

Vietfive Coffee

The baristas at this colorful Vietnamese coffee shop play hip hop. Their coffee is smooth and delicious, prepared with Vietnamese beans brewed in a phin and combined with condensed milk, coconut milk, or almond milk. You may also enjoy bánh mì empanadas, bánh patê sô, and vegan soft serve.

Doma Cafe

Our favorite River North work spot is this informal Croatian café. Doma’s peaceful, powerful WiFi, lovely side patio, and calming Scandinavian furniture shop style aren’t the only reasons. The cuisine is great too. The breakfast and lunch menu includes a must-order ćevapi wrapped in fluffy flatbread with clotted cream and a roasted pepper spread, a spicy breakfast sandwich, soups, and pastries.

Cafe 53

Cafe 53 in Hyde Park is similar of any college campus coffeehouse; we suspect its patrons regularly disrupt family gatherings by endlessly repeating Nietzsche. There are plenty of tables for you to use, and the decor has a homey, well-used vibe.

Kusanya Cafe

You may go to Kusanya in Englewood if you need a quiet location to work for a few hours. Everything on the menu, including baked oats, grits, and the Tuna Turner sandwich (just to say it) costs between $2 and $5, and the café has a conventional cafe layout with plenty of tiny tables and WiFi. If you find yourself there for the whole of the day, you may look forward to nighttime programs open to the public.

Edie’s All Day Cafe

Coffee, food, and alcohol are all available at this River North café, which also functions as a gathering place and workplace for its patrons. The room is bright and airy, with plenty of seats, and it also has enough plants hanging from the ceiling to purify the air for an entire block. If you’re sick of trying to focus while your roommate performs burpees in the living room, then maybe you should come here.

Beans & Bagels

Since 1994, this Lincoln Square staple has been serving up delicious bagels, croissants, and speciality coffees prepared with directly traded, organic coffees (currently three-star-rated by the Green Restaurant Association, the shop has its eye set on four stars). Leland Ave.

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